Ending sexual violence through Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Empowerment
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Internship opportunities

Advocacy Internship:

Duration: full calendar year- Spring 2018 - Spring 2019

Description of position: The advocacy internship is an opportunity for an undergraduate or graduate-level student with an interest in working to end sexual violence, and support those who are affected by it. Advocacy work in many ways requires one to be a jack of all trades, and interning within the Advocacy Services at HOPE Works will give a student an opportunity to see and learn about all of the many systems we work within and around daily, as well as develop their own diverse set of necessary skills in supporting survivors. They will have the opportunity to contribute to and potentially co-facilitate some of our groups, develop a comprehensive understanding of basic legal advocacy and how our legal system impacts survivors, as well as overseeing ongoing projects and contributions to survivors in the community, like our free library. For the advanced applicant, there is the possibility for more in-depth program co-creation, particularly around expanding our free supportive group programming.

While there are different potential opportunities that can and will be tailored to the skills, interests, and previous experience of the Advocacy Intern, all interns will be asked to do the following as part of their position:

  • 1-2 hotline shifts a week
  • 1-2 chatline shifts a week
  • Limited evening hours asked of an intern who co-facilitates support group(s)
  • Participation in bimonthly agency staff meetings as available
  • Represent HOPE Work at various tabling events throughout internship
  • Participation in other agency events as available (fall phone-a-thon, sexual violence awareness month events, etc.)
  • Necessary paperwork and administrative tasks associated with all direct services
  • Other potential tasks to be determined

Required Competencies/General Requirements:

  • A general understanding of what sexual violence is, and how it impacts individuals, communities, and society at large
  • A commitment to and understanding of broader intersectional social justice movements, and anti-oppression and anti-violence work beyond sexual violence
  • Completion of our Spring Volunteer & Hotline Training
  • Continuous work on our hotline between Spring Training and the following fall semester-- this enables you to “begin” your internship in the fall with a deeper understanding of the community we serve and what the first line of our advocacy looks like
  • Flexibility and a capacity to be self-motivated
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Able to hold supportive but firm boundaries with survivors and others in the community
  • Able to practice empathy, non-judgement, and affirmation, and circumvent advice-giving
  • Demonstrated ability to work with people in crisis

Desirable competencies:

  • Knowledge of social service programs, non- profits, and other community resources, legal and criminal justice systems, and/or medical systems in the Chittenden County area
  • Familiarity with an empowerment-model framework
  • Soft skills around providing trauma-informed care and support
  • Prior experience working with people in crisis (emotional, resource-related, or otherwise)

To be considered, email brief cover letter and resume to samantha@hopeworksvt.org by March 1, 2018.


Masters Level Field Student:

Duration: 1 year (2-semester) internship, Minimum of 10 hours per week.

Description of position: The Masters Level Field Student will work closely/be supervised by the Clinical Director/ on site Therapist to serve survivors of sexual violence in Chittenden County.  Masters level Field Students will have the opportunity to sit in on therapy sessions, participate in therapy sessions, and potentially carry a small caseload of their own, which would include conducting an assessment, diagnosis, follow up sessions as needed mostly likely on a weekly basis, and completing all paperwork/documentation needed for individual cases, with supervision.  Masters level Field Students  may have the opportunity to co-facilitate and help (if interested) develop therapeutic groups. This internship will provide the opportunity to participate/ take the lead on any number of projects directed by themselves and the Clinical Director.  Examples of possible projects include but are not limited to: developing/creating for distribution survivor friendly/trauma informed materials ranging from list of +crisis de-escalation techniques/grounding skills, to information to provide a survivor shortly after an assault to help inform them “What to expect emotionally after an assault?”, as well as event planning and preparation for Sexual Violence Awareness month that occurs every April, interns are also welcome to brainstorm other ideas for projects they would like to work on for the survivor population.  The Master’s level Field Students will also have the opportunity carry a schedule of Hot Line shifts, which will allow for phone crisis intervention with survivors.  

Required Competencies/General Requirements:

  • Complete 30+ hours of volunteer training, in April of 2018.  
  • It is preferred that a Master’s level intern would volunteer outside of the required internship hours in the coverage of Hot Line shifts over the summer prior to the start of the school year. This early start allows for field students to start working one-on-one with a caseload much earlier in the semester.   
  • Is currently successfully participating in a Master’s level program in the human services fields.
  • Feels comfortable establishing rapport with survivors of sexual violence in a therapeutic setting, and has completed coursework and/or has experience in establishing, maintaining, termination, and documentation, of the therapeutic process.  
  • Is willing to learn, has a flexible schedule, including the possibility of some evenings and weekends.  
  • Has an ability to maintain confidentiality, will maintain and strengthen professional relationships, is dedicated to helping end sexual violence.  
  • Has basic knowledge of what it means to be trauma informed.        

To be considered, email brief cover letter, resume, and description of current program requirements to samantha@hopeworksvt.org


Hotline/Chatline Additional Hours:

Description of position: Hotline and Chatline volunteers cover shifts on HOPE Works’ 24-hour hotline and online chatline, to offer emotional support, information, and options to survivors of sexual violence and other callers. All hotline/chatline volunteers receive HOPE Works volunteer training, as well as Crisis Worker Certification, in order to better provide trauma informed support and effective referrals to survivors and their loved ones. This is a remote position, that can be paired with any of our existing internships in need of additional required hours.

Required Competencies/General Requirements:

  • Completion of our Spring Hotline and Volunteer Training in April of 2018.
  • Has an ability to maintain confidentiality and is dedicated to helping end sexual violence.  


More Opportunities Coming Soon!

We have many internships available for undergraduate and graduate students at many of the local colleges and universities in Chittenden County. Contact Samantha (samantha@hopeworksvt.org) for more information.