Ending sexual violence through Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Empowerment
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Workshops + Trainings

At HOPE Works we understand the key to ending sexual violence is prevention through education and outreach to all. We work towards the goal of prevention through several venues:

  1. Interactive, adaptive & engaging workshops & trainings based on the latest research and best practices for middle, high school and college classrooms in every school in Chittenden County and staff and professional trainings at community organizations and businesses. Topic areas are tailored to fit your needs and include: healthy relationships, sexual violence (from sexual assault to stalking), diffusing and ending bullying, harassment, positive masculinity, consent, safe dating, ending digital abuse (sexting, textual harassment, cyberbullying etc.), sex and gender representation in the media, bystander education & intervention techniques.

  2. Unique programs proven effective such as:

    • Intercept: Social Change & Leadership Through Sport: This program fosters leadership through the training of bystander intervention techniques and the challenge of gender stereotypes to college level athletes who then present and model information to high school athletes. The first Intercept program was successfully implemented with the University of Vermont and Burlington High School in the spring of 2011.

    • Mentor Trainings

    • Entertainment Staff Trainings (band trainings, club and bar bouncer training, etc.)

    • Summer Camp Staff Trainings

  3. Outreach to Men: 95% of all sexual violence is committed by a minority (a small number) of men, many who are repeat offenders, against women, children and other men. Although most men do not commit sexual violence many of us no matter the gender, tolerate or enable it. Creating allies with men in the community is a vital component to ending sexual violence.

Contact the Education Coordinator at sarahm@hopeworksvt.org to set up your workshop.