Ending sexual violence through Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Empowerment
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Hope is what gave me the strength to wake up every day and face the world.
Hope is sitting in a [support group] with women who…are resilient, radiant, and captivating … who are out in the world working, living, and parenting.
Hope means the heartfelt real possibility that we can, working all together, end any form of violence.
Initially I had no hope—eventually, as I began to heal, I realized that hope is one of the strongest tools in healing.
Hope means mass resistance to the undercurrent of sexual violence, and resistance to the thought that there is nothing we can do about it.
– a survivor’s quote on hope

1. To restore to health or repair.
2. To set right. To become whole and sound.


The extending of services beyond conventional limits to ensure all have access to info and support.


Workshops promoting healthy relationships, intervention skills, and positive masculinity.


The power to make one's own decisions and access important resources and information.